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Another simple solution for your situation is to download the latest cracked update for kontakt, extract the .dll & .exe file, rename them & run them side by side i.e u run all your encrypted libraries through the cracked version & everything else thru the legit version. However he never going to be able to fully activate an encrypted library on legit kontakt without a serial number & every time he opens legit kontakt it will still say activate in the corner & will possibly not load at all. edit: David Das, if this is wrong please let us know. Clandestine, Dec 17, 2014 9 . I missed it and had to go looking. It IS Kontakt in Demo mode, and you can only use sounds designed for it by NI, like the new soundpack they just released ( a free one, and a not free one, in fact a quite expensive one.). Just run them thru quickload & forget all about nicnt files as they cause trouble if u run both.

Don't ask me why. The latest being what appears to be samples of one bass guitar, for 79, which is rather a lot of money in my humble opinion. I got a serial number in an e-mail, which I still have.Click to expand. Phildo, Aug 20, 2009 #4 David Das Moderator Moderator Messages: 6,363 I haven't downloaded it myself, but my understanding is that the free demo content runs in unlimited mode, although trying anything OTHER than that would work in demo mode, since at that point you are demoing Kontakt, not using the free sounds. i went out and purchased a "3rd party Kontakt player library" and it doesn't even come close to working, i get that DEMO signal and no sound. Please also note, questions about the status of an order should always be directly sent to our Order Support team HERE. Studio Cat's PD2 Jet City is not for the Kontakt Player.what gave you that impression? It specifically says "Developed specifically for Kontakt 3".

Clandestine Producer Joined: Nov 11, 2013 Messages: 717 Likes Received: 148 Unless u run & side by side setup the simple answer *no* For encrypted libraries u will require a serial number to run it in in legit kontakt. ew ew, Aug 23, 2009 #10 neoklast New Member Messages: 6 Yep, found it. Thx! Alex neoklast, Aug 25, 2009 #11 wetdentist NI Product Owner Messages: 676 this is an issue i've grown fairly perturbed over; when NI announced this new free Kontakt Player, it said on the website: The free KONTAKT PLAYER can be easily expanded with 3rd party KONTAKT PLAYER libraries and NI's own growing range of innovative instruments "Powered by KONTAKT" in fact this misrepresentation is still on the product page. It also can mess up your registry so I would question whether it worth the risk of that & other things when there are possibly 'better' libraries he can run thru legit with no problems at all. Yep. Again, NI have failed to make that clear, maybe you should complain directly to NI via email. If u have Komplete 10 you prob got around 7 piano's there so stick with what u have & use other better quality ones that are not encrypted [/quote] Thanks for the in depth advice buddy, this is exactly what i needed to be explained. JPaul23, Aug 22, 2009 #9 ew Moderator Moderator Messages: 21,645 JPaul23 said: ↑ I can only suggest you check your spam folder.

The whole point of 'cracked' kontakt is that it bypasses the Service centre amongst other things & therefore no need for registration. E.C.R Producer Joined: Aug 28, 2014 Messages: 243 Likes Received: 103 try loading the library into the "kontakt Library Folder" some will work in their without registering but not all. If u have Komplete 10 you prob got around 7 piano's there so stick with what u have & use other better quality ones that are not encrypted Also I should add that the new pianos in Komplete 10 were scripted by the very same guy who scripted Vintage D so really unless u love that piano the newer ones essentially will have a more up to date script & probably just as good really. Share This Page Tweet Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. JPaul23, Aug 27, 2009 #18 TheChazJaz New Member Messages: 5 Found the Serial Number As was mentioned in an earlier email, NI sent the serial in an email from Native Instruments GmbH with 'Your Download Version' in the title bar. Correct. That is unless u can extract the data from the NCS/NKX which I have heard can be done. It is rather poor service to release something like this, even if it's free, and not explain any of this to the customers. 695846ea4d
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